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Merchant Program: Financial Services Online Leads + Competition  View More Information About The Program
Description: If you seek an Australian merchant offering a huge range of high converting insurance, mortgage, finance and investment products with generous commissions, a long cookie life & payouts on multiple sales .... well, you've found it!

After 10 years on the ClixGalore network, we are proud to present this exciting new affiliate offering that gives you the opportunity to generate significant revenue by referring visitors seeking home loans, car loans, personal loans, business loans, boat loans, truck loans, life insurance, income protection, business insurance, public liability, superannuation and more - for free quotes and advice via Australia's most comprehensive, independent online financial services resource.

Here at FSO, brokers compete for the leads you help us generate - and we will pay you a generous percentage of every lead we sell.

EXPLODE your affiliate earnings in the Australian Financial Services Sector with this unique and exciting merchant program.

At Financial Services Online (FSO), we will help your referrals find the best value-for-money solutions to their financial services needs through a massive network of financial product and services providers across Australia.

Visitors to FSO looking for quotes or other assistance in areas such as personal or business finance, home loans, insurance, superannuation and investments are invited to complete a simple enquiry form which, in turn, initiates a process that engages hundreds of brokers throughout Australia competing for the right to respond to the enquiry.

Brokers 'bid' in advance for the right to receive enquiries (leads) of a particular type in their preferred geographical locations throughout Australia.

Each time a visitor referred from your affiliate link makes an insurance, finance or other enquiry with us, the lead is referred immediately to the broker with the highest bid - and you earn 35% of the amount paid for the lead irrespective of whether the broker ultimately makes a sale!

And, because all bidding calculations are performed instantly in real time, you will know immediately how much commission that you have earned from your referrals.

We generate leads across a comprehensive range of financial services - and different types of leads represent different value propositions to brokers. This means that brokers will often pay much more for some types of leads than for others.

You can see the current amounts being paid for our leads here.

Multiple Payouts:

Often, visitors will make enquiries for additional products either consecutively or on subsequent visits to FSO. In fact we actively encourage it. For example, a visitor looking for business finance might also be interested in business insurance and/or income protection cover and/or superannuation advice.

As an FSO affiliate at ClixGalore, you will automatically qualify for multiple commission payouts - one for each enquiry!


We provide you with a comprehensive range of attractive banners covering all of the various types of leads we sell through our unique bidding system.

Each banner directs visitors to the appropriate landing page designed specifically to maximize your conversions.

We know you will get great value from this program ... and we look forward to helping you grow your affiliate commissions.

If you HAVE a username/password and would like to join this affiliate program, please log in first.

(AU$) 35.00% Per Salehomepage
Visit Financial Services Online for Australia's best rates and options for all your Insurance and Finance needs.
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(AU$) 35.00% Per Salefso_sv_728x90
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(AU$) 35.00% Per Salefso_sv_468x60
(AU$) 35.00% Per Salefso_sv_300x250
(AU$) 35.00% Per Salefso_sv_250x250.gif
(AU$) 35.00% Per Salefso_sv_200x200
(AU$) 35.00% Per Salefso_sv_160x600
(AU$) 35.00% Per Salefso_sv_160x300
(AU$) 35.00% Per Salefso_sv_120x600
(AU$) 35.00% Per Salefso_sv_120x300a
(AU$) 35.00% Per Salelifeinsurance
Get the hottest internet deals on Life Insurance, Income Protection, Trauma Cover and more ... from a big selection of Australia's leading and best known insurance companies. Click here for a quote.
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(AU$) 35.00% Per SaleText Banner 1
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(AU$) 35.00% Per Salefsotrloan120x300w
(AU$) 35.00% Per Salefsotrloan120x300b
(AU$) 35.00% Per Salefsoploan120x300w
(AU$) 35.00% Per Salefsoploan120x300b
(AU$) 35.00% Per Salefsopiins120x300w
(AU$) 35.00% Per Salefsopiins120x300b
(AU$) 35.00% Per Salefsolndlsins120x300w
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(AU$) 35.00% Per Salefsolifins120x300w
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(AU$) 35.00% Per Salefsoincins120x300b
(AU$) 35.00% Per Salefsohomins120x300w
(AU$) 35.00% Per Salefsohomins120x300b
(AU$) 35.00% Per Salefsohomepage120x300w
(AU$) 35.00% Per Salefsohomepage120x300b
(AU$) 35.00% Per Salefsohloan120x300w
(AU$) 35.00% Per Salefsohloan120x300b
(AU$) 35.00% Per Salefsofrmins120x300w
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(AU$) 35.00% Per Salefsocloan120x300w
(AU$) 35.00% Per Salefsocloan120x300b
(AU$) 35.00% Per Salefsobusins120x300w
(AU$) 35.00% Per Salefsobusins120x300b
(AU$) 35.00% Per Salefsobtloan120x300w
(AU$) 35.00% Per Salefsobtloan120x300b
(AU$) 35.00% Per Salefsobsloan120x300w
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(AU$) 35.00% Per Salefsotrloan120x60b
(AU$) 35.00% Per Salefsoploan120x60w
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(AU$) 35.00% Per Salefsopiins120x60w
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(AU$) 35.00% Per Salefsoincins120x60w
(AU$) 35.00% Per Salefsoincins120x60b
(AU$) 35.00% Per Salefsohomins120x60w
(AU$) 35.00% Per Salefsohomins120x60b
(AU$) 35.00% Per Salefsohomepage120x60w
(AU$) 35.00% Per Salefsohomepage120x60b
(AU$) 35.00% Per Salefsohloan120x60w
(AU$) 35.00% Per Salefsohloan120x60b
(AU$) 35.00% Per Salefsofrmins120x60w
(AU$) 35.00% Per Salefsofrmins120x60b
(AU$) 35.00% Per Salefsofinance120x60w
(AU$) 35.00% Per Salefsofinance120x60b
(AU$) 35.00% Per Salefsocloan120x60w
(AU$) 35.00% Per Salefsocloan120x60b
(AU$) 35.00% Per Salefsobusins120x60w
(AU$) 35.00% Per Salefsobusins120x60b
(AU$) 35.00% Per Salefsobtloan120x60w
(AU$) 35.00% Per Salefsobtloan120x60b
(AU$) 35.00% Per Salefsobsloan120x60w
(AU$) 35.00% Per Salefsobsloan120x60b

If you HAVE a username/password and would like to join this affiliate program, please log in first.

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