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Description: Under the motto "Ideas to feel good", the Wellness-Shop is an international brand with online shops in New Zealand, Australia, Europe and many more providing health and wellness products as well as naturopathic consultation services and a number of free services such as newsletters, ecards, relaxation software programs and much more. The product selection main focus is on Natural Health and the remedies and methods associated therewith. The Wellness-Shop also features a number of organic and natural body care / beauty products of well known and more exclusive brands. An extensive gifts section is complementing the selection of products with many ideas for people of all ages.

Welcome to the Wellness-Shop affiliate program.

As you may have noticed, the Wellness-Shop offers a great range of products, so for you to be successful as our affiliate, we have a couple of hints for you which will enable you to have results more quickly:

1. Try to place a banner or text link always in the proper context on your homepage, for example if you have a homepage dedicated to "massage", you might want to link to our massage section directly instead just plainly to the Wellness-Shop homepage.

2. If by any chance you can write an article about specific items or health concerns listed in Wellness-Shop, this again will ensure the best success - often text links in this regard are even more effective than banners.

Best of luck and success and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Affiliate-Team of Wellness-Shop


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